Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micro Pigmentation(SMP) is highly advanced from of cosmetic pigmentation. SMP involves injecting special kind of pigment into the scalp using sophisticated equipment and techniques. At Aravali we use most up-to-date equipment and cutting edge technology to ensure you get good coverage across the head and completely flawless result. Treatments are customised to your exact skin colour and hair type.

Only at Aravali

  1. 1Only clinic with presence across continent
  2. 2Only facility with team of multiple plastic surgeons to perform surgery
  3. 3Only team with exp. of operating across locations and countries
  4. 4Only clinic using "Lion" Implanters (Best in the world)


  • Male pattern baldness
  • Women's hair loss
  • Alopecia
  • Increasing hair density
  • Covering up scalp scars
  • Along with hair transplant
  • To improve hair transplant results

Aravali Advantage

It is important to realise that SMP is not a common tattoo procedure. It is very intricate and detailed process and it cannot be left to a tattoo centre.

  • Medically safe environment
  • Complete infection control
  • Single use sterilized needles
  • Medical grade pain control.
  • Post procedure care
  • Ability to combine with hair transplant to achieve full coverage

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