Aravali Direct Hair Transplant is state of the art technique perfected after experience gained over thousands of patients. Hallmark of our technique is that roots always stay within natural environment. Hair roots are never exposed to external environment and are implanted within minutes . Hair roots are very briefly preserved in solution bio enhanced by PRP. We do not believe that hair growth is matter of chance, so we like to perform bio enhancement with Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is separated from your blood after multistage process. Multiple growth factors present in PRP provide nourishment to implanted hair. These innovations lead to faster and robust growth.

Only at Aravali

  1. 1Only clinic with presence across continent
  2. 2Only facility with team of multiple plastic surgeons to perform surgery
  3. 3Only team with exp. of operating across locations and countries
  4. 4Only clinic using "Lion" Implanters (Best in the world)

Team Aravali

Team Aravali has performed more than 6000 hair restoration procedures. Led by Dr B K Garg and Dr U B Rao and supported by very skillful group of assistants , this team has implanted millions of follicles. Each member of the team has been personally trained by Dr Garg and Dr Rao and has experience of more than 2000 procedures at least.


Hairline Design

Good hairline design is integral to successful hair transplant. We always spend considerable time discussing hairline preferences with our clients. Hairline is designed keeping in view age, skull shape, hair texture and patient wishes. This helps the patient also to visualize the result after the hair transplant surgery.



Vibratory Anaesthesia Technique (VAT) is used to make injections virtually painless. We employ Tumescent Infiltration to provide us with bloodless field to ensure precision during entire process. We do not use any sedatives during our procedure, so that you are back on your feet right after the procedure.



State of the art punches designed by our founders with variable depth guards and sharpness allows us to achieve lowest transection rates across different skin types and hair thickness. At Aravali we do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. We choose punches according to your skin type and hair thickness. Customisation of punches according to donor area makes it possible to maintain lowest transection rates across ethnicities and nationalities. “Late Extraction Techniique’ method keeps follicles in their natural environment for longest possible time and have negligible out of body time. For difficult extractions we use ‘Push down Pull up’ method , which we have found more efficient than two forceps approach.


Bio Enhancement

Bio enhancement with Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) is mainstay of our technique. Multiple growth factors in PRP ensure maximum survival and maximum yield. PRP extraction is multi stage process . Multiple growth factors present optimize conditions for growth of newly implanted follicles.



We have ‘No Touch Technique’ approach towards dermal papilla, the growth centre of hair follicle. Because of our background in reconstructive and microvascular surgery ,we are well versed with atraumatic tissue handling. Hair roots are implanted within minutes and have minimal out of body time. We are only one in Industry to have introduced ‘LION IMPLANTERS’, gold standard for hair implanters in world. At Aravali Clinic, we frequently perform dense packing. We believe that there is no single level of density, which will be suitable for everyone. Density has to be decided taking into view follicular unit size, hair shaft thickness, extent and pattern of baldness, possibility of further loss and donor area capacity.


Post Procedure regimen

We stay committed to our patients and are always available to guide you through regrowth process. Our post procedure care and guidance regimen is aimed at achieving high yield and arresting further hair loss. Apart from that our clinical team is always at your beck and call.

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