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  1. 1Only clinic with presence across continent
  2. 2Only facility with team of multiple plastic surgeons to perform surgery
  3. 3Only team with exp. of operating across locations and countries
  4. 4Only clinic using "Lion" Implanters (Best in the world)

Stuart Clarck (New York)

"I was looking to get hair transplant done in India. After consulting numerous clinics, I landed at Aravali Clinic. During consultation , I was encouraged to meet three patients undergoing surgery that day.After spending one hour at clinic, I had no doubt that Aravali was only choice. After one year, I am delighted with outcome .Further , honest pricing at Aravali Clinic for such high quality transplant was like icing on the cake."

Mr Stuart chose us after prolonged online and telephonic consultation. We are happy that we could live upto his expectations. We used 2713 FUE grafts for his restoration . One year picture shows gratifying result.

Anil Srivastava (Delhi)

"I was really worried whether I will be able to get natural looking hair transplant or not . But Dr Garg and Dr Rao alleviated all my anxiety during detailed counseling itself.I am highly impressed by professionalism and devotion of this team . I am indebted to Aravali Clinic for giving my very natural result."

Mr Srivastava was 28 years old and task was to restore him in most natural way as per his age . He was suffering from Grade VI baldness. His donor area allowed us 2823 high quality follicular units in one session and were used to restore hairline, frontal scalp and part of mid scalp. Even seventh month picture at time of second session shows highly satisfactory outcome.

Mark Johnson (London, Uk)

"I decided to get my surgery done at Aravali after going through multiple clinics in Delhi. Aravali provided me very transparent and clear view on FUE surgery unlike all others.Only at Aravali Clinic, I came to know that FUE surgery does not have to be expensive at all.I am really delighted with my outcome."

Mr Mark , 26 year old professional , had Grade 4 loss and was looking for scar free surgery and at same time desired high density. We harvested 2694 high quality grafts with 0.8 mm punch and were implanted at density of 45 FU/sq cm in hair line area and at lesser density in area behind that.Eight months later he was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Mr. Rahul (New Delhi)

"When I had to get my hair transplant done, I knew I do not have to look anywhere except Aravali Clinic. I am both grateful and proud of being part of Team Aravali. I am really satisfied that we are able to extend same ultra refined technique to all our patients every day.”

Mr. Rahul had hair loss in frontal area including entire hairline and part of frontal scalp. 3012 follicular units were harvested with 0.75 mm punch and were used to reconstruct hairline and part of frontal and top of scalp. Final result is both dense and natural.

Daniel Gastelier (Australia)

"I was extremely distressed by my receding hairline , and wanted to correct it without adding any scars. After doing one session at Aravali, I have high density and natural looking hairline. This procedure has restored my confidence and done a lot of good to my career in TV industry. I am so happy that I opted for Aravali Clinic."

Mr Daniel wanted effective solution to his hairline and frontal baldness. He was effectively restored with 2562 follicular unit grafts obtained with 0.7 mm punch. His hairline was designed to complement his facial profile and skull shape. Effort was made not to have very youthful hairline.He was extremely happy with outcome.

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