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ARAVALI INTERNATIONAL CLINIC is India’s leading hair transplant clinic based in New Delhi, beautiful vibrant and historic capital city of India. Ours is the only clinic in this part of the world which is led by two internationally recognized plastic and aesthetic surgeons and are supported by equally skillful team of assistants. Your search for world class hair transplant ends with us. We will be very pleased to welcome you, for 3D evaluation and advise at zero cost and obligation.

We are based in New Delhi, beautiful vibrant and historic capital city. We have offices and associate centers all over India and across the globe.

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Why Choose us

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Aravali International Clinic is destination of choice for cutting edge hair transplants for clients from all over the world. Latest DHT technique, honest pricing , highly qualified and motivated team and commitment to outcome are the reasons we are preferred by thousands over the years. If you are looking for world class hair transplant solutions,it will be our privilege to be of service to you.

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Aravali Experience

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At Aravali, You are the most important person at our premises. Every process at clinic beginning with three dimensional evaluation and consultation, through operative procedure and post procedure care , You continue to be centerpiece of our attention.

  1. Three Dimensional Evaluation
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Procedural Innovations
  4. Post procedure commitment
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Aravali Direct Hair Transplant is state of the art technique perfected after experience gained over thousands of patients. Hallmark of our technique is that roots always stay within natural environment. We do not believe that hair growth is matter of chance, so we like to perform bio enhancement with Platelet Rich Plasma.

Hallmark of our ‘ADVANCED BIO DHT’ technique is that roots always stay within natural environment.

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Aravali Clinic is led by Dr B K Garg and Dr U B Rao .Dr Garg is plastic surgeon and is alumnus of PGI, Chandigarh.Dr Rao is also a plastic surgeon alumnus of PGI , Rohtak .Both dr rao and Dr Garg have been consultants of Plastic Surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , New Delhi’s leading hospital.At Aravali , we are only team in India with advantage of two plastic surgeons working for you with combined experience of more than 6000 hair restoration procedures.

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Global Presence

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New Delhi India
Melbourne Australia
Nairobi Kenya
Kathmandu Nepal
Los Angeles USA
Toronto Canada
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What clients say

Aravali Clinic is destination of choice for hair restoration for hundreds of clients every year. While it gives us immense pleasure to live upto your expectations, we also feel humbled by the gratitude expressed by all of you.

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